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The Golden Hawk 1952 DVD - Rhonda Fleming / Sterling Hayden

Kit Gerardo, also known as The Hawk, is one of Frances's most daring privateers, rescues Rouge from a Spanish ship. She is also a pirate, working to restore the fortune the French took from her. When Kit is captured by the governor of Cartagena, Luis del Toro, Rouge demands that he be hanged for piracy. Only one person knows it, but Kit is the governor's son.


Sterling Hayden as Kit 'The Hawk' Gerardo
Rhonda Fleming as Captain Rouge
Helena Carter as Blanca de Valdiva
John Sutton as Captain Luis del Toro
Paul Cavanagh as Jeremy Smithers
Michael Ansara as Bernardo Díaz
Raymond Hatton as Barnaby Stoll
Alex Montoya as Homado

Runtime: 83 Minutes

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