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The Golden Horde 1951 DVD - Ann Blyth / David Farrar

In 1220, a small band of English crusaders arrives at Samarkand in Central Asia, just as the city and its ruling princess are threatened by the hordes of Genghis Khan. Lovely Princess Shalimar hopes to thwart the conqueror by guile, while Sir Guy wants to put up a brave (if ultimately hopeless) fight. Despite a mutual attraction, their conflicting projects threaten any hope of success either might have had alone.


Ann Blyth - Princess Shalimar
David Farrar - Sir Guy of Devon
George Macready - Raven the Shamen
Henry Brandon - Juchi, son of Genghis Khan
Howard Petrie - Tuglik
Richard Egan - Gill
Marvin Miller - Genghis Khan
Donald Randolph - Torga
Peggie Castle - Lailee

Runtime: 77 Minutes

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