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The Great Sioux Massacre 1965 DVD - Joseph Cotten / Darren McGavin


A somewhat different take on Custer's motivation that changed him from a defender of Native-American rights into a politically-driven, headline-seeker chastiser of the Sioux during the 1870s.


Joseph Cotten as Major Marcus Reno
Darren McGavin as Captain Bill Benton
Philip Carey as Colonel George Armstrong Custer
Julie Sommars as Caroline Reno
Nancy Kovack as Libbie Custer
John Matthews as Dakota
Michael Pate as Sitting Bull
Don Haggerty as Senator James Blaine
Frank Ferguson as Gen. Alfred Howe Terry
Stacy Harris as Mr. Turner
Iron Eyes Cody as Crazy Horse
House Peters Jr. as Reporter
John Napier as Tom Custer
William Tannen as Miner
Blair Davies as Presiding officer
Louise Serpa as Mrs. Turner

Runtime: 102 Minutes

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