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The Hideout 1956 DVD - Dermot Walsh / Rona Anderson

Insurance investigator Steve Curry (Dermot Walsh) comes into possession of a suitcase containing £8k after a mix-up at the Rex Hotel in London. A gang of crooks seeking the money jump Curry at the airport but he had already passed it on to his friend Tim Bowers (Sam Kydd) to return. Together, Curry and Bowers attempt to track down the owner of the suitcase. Their searching leads them to the beautiful Helen Grant (Rona Anderson), who discloses that the money was being used by her brother, shady furrier Robert Grant (Ronald Howard), to purchase some smuggled pelts. It transpires that the pelts are infected with anthrax and could create a deadly epidemic in the capital. To make matters worse the infected pelts are stolen from Grant’s storeroom and the crooks still haven’t been paid their money.


Dermot Walsh: Steve Curry
Rona Anderson: Helen Grant
Ronald Howard: Robert Grant
Sam Kydd: Tim Bowers
Edwin Richfield: Teacher
Richard Shaw: Joe

Runtime: 55 Minutes

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