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The Interrupted Journey 1949 DVD - Valerie Hobson

When John North, a budding author, pulls the communication cord of a late night train that is taking him away on a weekend with his publishers wife, he sets in motion a series of events that lead to a train crash, a murder and a police man hunt, but all is not what it seems.


Valerie Hobson - Carol North
Richard Todd - John North
Christine Norden - Susan Wilding
Tom Walls - Mr Clayton
Ralph Truman - Inspector Waterson
Vida Hope - Miss Marchment, owner of Danver's Hotel
Alexander Gauge - Jerves Wilding
Dora Bryan - Waitress at Station Cafe
Arnold Ridley - Mr Saunders
Cyril Smith - George, the barman
Arthur Lane - Constable Cowley
Nigel Neilson - Sergeant Sanger
Dora Sevening - Wilding's mother
Elsie Wagstaff - Wilding's Maid
Alan Gordon - Ticket Inspector
Vincent Ball - 1st Rescue Worker at Crash Site
Jack Vyvian - 2nd Rescue Worker at Crash Site
Roger Moore - Soldier in Paddington Café
Gwynneth Vaughan - Girl with the Soldier
Runtime: 80 Minutes
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