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The Leather Saint 1956 DVD - Paul Douglas / John Derek


Although he is a minister, the young Gil Allen likes to work out in Tom Kelly's boxing gym. Gus MacAuliffe, a manager of fighters who doesn't know the young man's true vocation, offers to find him a fight in the ring, but Gil declines.

Gil discovers that the church is desperate to raise funds for two things, a swimming pool for children and an iron lung for a hospital. Without disclosing his profession, Gil agrees to let Gus handle him, and Gil's first opponent is knocked out with a single punch. The impressed promoter Tony Lorenzo arranges another fight for the kid. Lorenzo's girlfriend, Pearl Gorman, a singer with a drinking habit, is immediately attracted to Gil, but when he doesn't reciprocate, she continues to hit the bottle.

His superior at the church, Father Ritchie, mentions to Gil that someone mysteriously has donated the first down payment for the iron lung. Gil fibs to the priest that the donor is a well-meaning individual in "the leather business."

Gil's actual identity is discovered by Pearl, who is inspired by the young minister's example and vows to quit drinking. Gil raises all the money that's needed, then gladly returns to his preferred line of work.


Paul Douglas as Gus MacAuliffe
John Derek as Father Gil Allen
Jody Lawrance as Pearl Gorman
Cesar Romero as Tony Lorenzo
Ernest Truex as Father Ritchie
Richard Shannon as Tom Kelly
Ricky Vera as Pepito
Robert Cornthwaite as Dr. Lomas
Edith Evanson as Stella
Lou Nova as Tiger
Baynes Barron as Tony's Henchman

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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