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The Lost World 1960 DVD - Michael Rennie / Jill St. John

Professor Challenger leads team of scientists and adventurers to a remote plateau deep within the Amazonian jungle to investigate reports that dinosaurs still live there.


Michael Rennie as Lord John Roxton — An experienced big-game hunter who joins the expedition.
Jill St. John as Jennifer Holmes — The daughter of the owner of the Daily Gazette.
David Hedison as Ed Malone — A journalist at the Daily Gazette who volunteers to join the expedition.
Claude Rains as Professor George Edward Challenger — The famously short-tempered leader of the expedition.
Fernando Lamas as Manuel Gomez — The expedition's guide.
Richard Haydn as Professor Summerlee — A rival of Challenger's who joins the expedition.
Ray Stricklyn as David Holmes — The confident and brave brother of Jennifer Holmes and the son of Malone's boss Stuart Holmes.
Jay Novello as Costa — Gomez' cowardly and selfish assistant who also guides the expedition into the plateau.
Ian Wolfe as Burton White — A professor who ventured into the Amazon Plateau a couple of years before Challenger's expedition.
John Graham as Stuart Holmes — Edward Malone's employer and the father of Jennifer and David Holmes.
Colin Campbell as Prof. Waldron — The employer of Professor Challenger and Professor Summerlee, he organises the expedition.
Vitina Marcus as the Native Girl — A native girl found on the plateau by the expedition.

Runtime: 97 Minutes

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