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The Man in the Road 1956 DVD - Derek Farr / Ella Raines

A man suffering from amnesia is held at an English country estate, used as a sanatorium. The doctors and nurses insist on an identity unfamiliar with him, and he's to go to Russia. On a forbidden trip outside the hospital, he's told it's a plot to kidnap him. With the help of an American girl, evidence mounts.


Derek Farr - Ivan Mason/Doctor James Paxton
Ella Raines - Rhona Ellison
Donald Wolfit - Professor Cattrell
Lisa Daniely - Nurse Mitzi
Bruce Beeby - Doctor Manning
Russell Napier - Scotland Yard Supt. Davidson
Cyril Cusack - Doctor Kelly
Frederick Piper - Inspector Hayman
Karel Stepanek - Dmitri Balinkev
Olive Sloane - Mrs Lemming, the landlady
Alfred Maron - Ambulance driver
John Welsh - Employer

Runtime: 83 Minutes
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