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The Man Who Never Was 1956 DVD - Clifton Webb / Gloria Grahame


As the British military prepares to invade Sicily during World War II, intelligence agent Ewen Montagu (Clifton Webb) hatches a cunning plan to fool Germany into believing the Allies' true target is Greece. Concocting a fictitious British officer named Maj. William Martin, Montagu gathers false top-secret documents and personal letters to plant upon a corpse that will wash ashore in Spain. But the investigations of a German undercover agent (Stephen Boyd) could potentially expose the fraud.


Clifton Webb as Lt. Cmdr. Ewen Montagu
Gloria Grahame as Lucy Sherwood
Robert Flemyng as Lt. George Acres
Josephine Griffin as Pam
Stephen Boyd as Patrick O'Reilly
Laurence Naismith as Adm. Cross
William Russell as Joe (Lucy's fiancé)
Geoffrey Keen as Gen. Archibald Nye
Moultrie Kelsall as the Father
Cyril Cusack as taxi driver
André Morell as Sir Bernard Spilsbury
Michael Hordern as Gen. Coburn
William Squire as submarine commander Bill Jewell
Allan Cuthbertson as Vice-Admiral
Miles Malleson as scientist
Joan Hickson as landlady
Terence Longdon as Larry
Gibb McLaughlin as club porter
Gordon Bell as Customs Officer
Wolf Frees as Admiral Wilhelm Canaris (uncredited)
Ewen Montagu as an Air Vice Marshal (uncredited)
Peter Williams as Admiral Mountbatten (uncredited)

Runtime: 103 Minutes

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