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The Man with My Face 1951 DVD - Barry Nelson / Carole Mathews


Set in Puerto Rico, where Charles "Chick" Graham (Nelson) settled down after the war to run a small business with his old Army buddy, now his brother-in-law, Buster Cox (Harvey). Graham comes home one evening to find his wife, Cora (Ainley), acting as if he is an insane stranger. He finds that a double has taken his place. There is a man who looks exactly like him, Albert "Bert" Rand (Nelson), playing cards and drinking in his living room. Cora and Buster, and even Graham's dog, do not recognize him and think the double is him.

Meanwhile, Graham's face has shown up on the front page of newspapers as a bank robber in Miami who made away with half a million dollars. As he runs from the police, he attempts to solve the mystery with the help of an old girlfriend, Mary Davis (Mathews), whom he jilted to marry Cora. Mary's protective brother, Walt Davis (Warden), is wary, but soon joins in trying to figure out the puzzle.

Graham's criminal double attempts to have him killed by hiring an attack dog specialist to have a Doberman go after him. Albert, the evil double has been in on this sinister plan with Cora and her brother, Buster, since before their marriage.


Barry Nelson as Charles "Chick" Graham / Albert "Bert" Rand
Carole Mathews as Mary Davis
Lynn Ainley as Cora Cox Graham
John Harvey as Buster Cox
Jim Boles as Meadows
Jack Warden as Walt Davis
Henry Lascoe as The Police Sergeant
Johnny Kane as Al Grant
Chinita as Juanita
Armando Miranda as Nightclub Bartender

Runtime: 79 Minutes


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