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The Miami Story 1954 DVD - Barry Sullivan / Luther Adler

Miami mob boss Tony Brill and hit man Ted Delacorte continue to elude the law. A scheme is hatched by attorney Frank Alton to bring former murder suspect Mick Flagg out of hiding, hoping he can infiltrate Brill's outfit.

Flagg reluctantly agrees. He leaves young son Gil with a Florida family, then gains Brill's trust, as well as that of Holly Abbott, whose sister Gwen is now the girlfriend of Brill.

Although he succeeds in disrupting Brill's business interests, Flagg is helpless to prevent Holly from being physically assaulted and Gil kidnapped. Holly betrays her sister, resulting in Gwen's arrest. A trap is set for Brill and Delacorte, who attempt to flee on a speedboat but are nabbed by the law.


Barry Sullivan as Mick Flagg, aka Mike Pierce
Luther Adler as Tony Brill
John Baer as Ted Delacorte
Adele Jergens as Gwen Abbott
Beverly Garland as Holly Abbott
Dan Riss as Frank Alton
Damian O'Flynn as Police Chief Martin Belman
Chris Alcaide as Robert Bishop
Gene Darcy as Johnny Loker
George E. Stone as Louie Mott

Runtime: 75 Minutes

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