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The Navy Way 1944 DVD - Robert Lowery / Jean Parker

The experiences of a desparate group of young men as they make their way through Navy boot camp.


Robert Lowery as Johnny Zumano aka Johnny Jersey
Jean Parker as Ellen Sayre
William Henry as Malcolm Randall
Roscoe Karns as Frankie Gimble
Sharon Douglas as Trudy
Robert Armstrong as CPO Harper
Tom Keene as Steve Appleby
Larry Nunn as Billy Jamison
Mary Treen as Agnes
Wallace Pindell as Sailor Joslin
John 'Skins' Miller as Recruit Pop Lacy
Joseph Crehan as Chaplain Benson
Commander Hjalmar F. Hanson as Great Lakes Naval Station Choir Director
Art Lasky as Fighter
John J. 'Red' Madigan as Sailor

Runtime: 74 Minutes

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