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The Ninth Guest 1934 DVD - Donald Cook / Genevieve Tobin

Eight strangers are invited by a mysterious unknown host to spend the night in a penthouse apartment. The eight (5 men, 3 women) are wined, dined, then greeted by their host's voice via a radio broadcast. The voice announces that before the night is over each one will be systematically murdered unless they manage to outwit their ninth guest Death.


Donald Cook as James [Daley]
Genevieve Tobin as Jean [Trent]
Hardie Albright as [Henry] Abbott
Edward Ellis as [Timothy] Cronin
Edwin Maxwell as [Jason] Osgood
Vincent Barnett as [William Jones] Ass't. butler
Helen Flint as Sylvia [Inglesby]
Samuel Hinds as Dr. [Murray] Reid
Nella Walker as Margaret [Chisholm]
Sidney Bracey as Butler

Runtime: 65 Minutes

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