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The Outcasts of Poker Flat 1937 DVD - Preston Foster / Jean Muir

A California mining camp is plagued by a series of murders. Four people come under suspicion for the killings and are swiftly run straight out of the camp. During a blizzard they take refuge in an isolated cabin, and conflicts break out among them.


Preston Foster as John Oakhurst
Jean Muir as Miss Helen Colby
Van Heflin as Reverend Sam Woods
Virginia Weidler as Luck
Margaret Irving as The Duchess
Frank M. Thomas as Mr. Bedford
Si Jenks as Kentuck
Dick Elliott as Stumpy Carter
Al St. John as Uncle Billy
Bradley Page as Sonoma
Richard Lane as High-Grade
Monte Blue as Indian Jim
Billy Gilbert as Charley
Dudley Clements as Wilkes

Runtime: 67 Minutes

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