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The Passing of the Third Floor Back 1935 DVD - Conrad Veidt

In a London boarding house, a number of lives exist precariously on the edge of disaster or despair. Stasia, the housemaid, hungers for happiness but is treated like a drudge and constantly threatened with a return to the punishments of her youth. Vivian, a beautiful young girl, loves the architect Chris, but must marry the repugnant Mr. Wright in order to erase her parents' debts. Miss Kite derides all around her out of fear of aging and loss of beauty, while her friend Mr. Larkcom sells mediocre phonograph records though he'd secretly love to be a concert pianist. Into the lives of these and other unhappy residents comes a mysterious stranger, under whose influence they each begin to see the possibility of happiness. But the cynical Mr. Wright prefers to see them in misery and plots to thwart the angelic stranger who lives in the back room of the third floor.


Conrad Veidt as The Stranger
Anna Lee as Vivian
Rene Ray as 'Stasia
Frank Cellier as Wright
John Turnbull as Major Tomkins
Cathleen Nesbitt as Mrs. Tomkin
Ronald Ward as Chris Penny
Beatrix Lehmann as Miss Kite
Jack Livesey as Mr. Larkcom
Sara Allgood as Mrs. de Hooley
Mary Clare as Mrs. Sharpe
Barbara Everest as Cook
Alexander Sarner as The gramophone man
James Knight as The police inspector

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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