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The Perfect Woman 1949 DVD - Patricia Roc / Stanley Holloway

In need of cash, Roger Cavendish and his valet take a job escorting the perfect woman for a night on the town. She is in fact the robotic creation of Professor Belman, but it turns out rather to be the Professor's niece Penelope doing a pretty good imitation of the perfect Olga who winds up with them in the bridal suite at the Hotel Splendide.


Patricia Roc as Penelope Belman
Stanley Holloway as Ramshead
Nigel Patrick as Roger Cavendish
Miles Malleson as Professor Ernest Belman
Irene Handl as Mrs. Butters
Anita Sharp-Bolster as Lady Diana
Fred Berger as Farini
David Hurst as Wolfgang Winkel
Pamela Devis as Olga the Robot
Jerry Verno as Football Fan On Underground
Johnnie Schofield as Ticket Collector
Philippa Gill as Lady Mary
Jerry Desmonde as Dress shop manager
Dora Bryan as Model in shop
Noel Howlett as Scientist

Runtime: 87 Minutes

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