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The Prowler 1951 DVD - Van Heflin / Evelyn Keyes

In California, the gorgeous housewife Susan Gilvray glances at a prowler outside her house in a wasteland and she calls the police. Officer Webb Garwood and his partner attend the call and do not find anyone. Later Webb returns to her house with the pretext of checking if everything is OK with Susan and she invites him to drink a coffee with her. Soon he learns that Susan is married with John Gilvray, a middle age broadcaster of a late night radio show. Further, they discover that they are from the same homeland. Webb hits on Susan and soon they have a love affair. But when John suspects of Susan, their relationship comes to an end. Webb plots a scheme to get rid off John and he kills John simulating an accident. Webb goes on trial and is considered not-guilty for the murder of John. Webb quits the police and manipulates John's brother to get close to Susan again. He learns that John could not have children and their marriage was not perfect.


Van Heflin as Webb Garwood
Evelyn Keyes as Susan Gilvray
John Maxwell as Bud Crocker
Katherine Warren as Mrs. Crocker
Emerson Treacy as William Gilvray
Dalton Trumbo plays the voice of the John Gilvray, the night-time radio DJ.

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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