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The Rains of Ranchipur 1955 DVD - Lana Turner / Richard Burton

Rich American socialite Lady Edwina Esketh, who obtained her title by marrying English Lord Albert Esketh, travels to Ranchipur where Albert hopes to buy a prize stallion from the Maharani. Theirs is not a happy marriage and after she meets a prominent local doctor, Rama Safti, falls madly in love with him. He too is in love with her much to the Maharani's disapproval as she has great plans for the good doctor. Also living in Ranchipur is Tom Ransome an old friend of Edwina's who perhaps knows too much about her past. When a natural disaster destroys much of Ranchipur, disease follows forcing Safti to choose between treating the sick or being with Edwina, who is also deathly ill.


Lana Turner as Lady Esketh
Richard Burton as Dr. Rama Safti
Fred MacMurray as Tom Ransome
Michael Rennie as Lord Esketh
Joan Caulfield as Fern Simon
Eugenie Leontovich as the Maharani

Runtime: 104 Minutes

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