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The Safecracker 1958 DVD - Ray Milland / Barry Jones

Colley Dawson lives a quiet life at home with his mother, but his real life is lived as an expert safecracker at weekends, breaking into wealthy homes and stealing valuable art. When he's eventually arrested and convicted, Colley is approached in prison by Army Major Adbury. He's offered a deal by the Major in exchange for helping with the war effort. Colley will be given his freedom if he uses his safecracking expertise to perform a mission behind enemy lines. The dangerous mission is to break into a difficult safe in a Nazi chateau and steal a list of German spies operating in England. Colley agrees and soon finds himself being trained up as a commando and parachuted into Belgium for the caper of his life.


Ray Milland as Colley Dawson
Barry Jones as Bennett Carfield
Jeanette Sterke as Irene
Victor Maddern as Morris
Ernest Clark as Major Adbury
Cyril Raymond as Inspector Frankham
Melissa Stribling as Angela
Percy Herbert as Sergeant Harper
Barbara Everest as Mrs. Dawson
Anthony Nicholls as General Prior
David Horne as Herbert Fenwright
Colin Gordon as Dakers
Clive Morton as Sir George Turvey
John Welsh as Inspector Owing
Colin Tapley as Colonel Charles Mercer
Ian MacNaughton as Thomson
Charles Lloyd-Pack as Lambert
Ferdy Mayne as Greek Ship Owner
Arnold Bell as Detective
Bernard Fox as Shafter
Jackie Collins as Fenwright's Secretary [5]
Basil Dignam as Air Vice Marshal
Sam Kydd as McCullers
Hilda Fenemore as Mrs. McCullers
David Lodge as Parachute Instructor
Richard Marner as German N.C.O

Runtime: 96 Minutes

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