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The Scarf 1951 DVD - John Ireland / James Barton

John Barrington escapes from an asylum for the criminally-insane and finds refuge on the ranch of turkey-raiser Ezra Thompson. Barrington, who has suffered from amnesia, finds his memory returning slightly and he sets out on his mission of learning the truth about whether or not he really murdered his sweetheart and is actually insane. He goes to Los Angeles to visit his oldest-and-best friend, psychiatrist David Dunbar, who was a witness to Barrington's crime. Dunbar repeats his story to Barrington, convinces Barrington that he did commit the crime, and then betrays him to the police. However, Thompson, Connie Carter and others are not totally convinced of Barrington's guilt.


John Ireland as John Howard Barrington
Mercedes McCambridge as Connie Carter
James Barton as Ezra Thompson
Emlyn Williams as Dr. David Dunbar
Lloyd Gough as Asylum Dr. Gordon
Basil Ruysdael as Cyrus Barrington
David Wolfe as Level Louie
Harry Shannon as Asylum Warden Anderson
Celia Lovsky as Mrs. Cyrus Barrington
David McMahon as State Trooper
Chubby Johnson as Feed Store Manager
Frank Jenks as Tom - Drunk cowboy
Emmett Lynn as Jack the Waiter
Dick Wessel as Sid - Drunk cowboy
Frank Jaquet as Town Sheriff
Iris Adrian as the floozy at Level Louie's Place

Runtime: 93 Minutes

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