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The Spiral Road 1962 DVD - Rock Hudson / Burl Ives

Dr. Anton Drager (Rock Hudson) travels to Java to study the effects of leprosy under an expert on the subject, Dr. Brits Jansen (Burl Ives). The two physicians have many of the same views scientifically, but are philosophically a mismatch, because Drager does not share the older Jansen's belief in a god.

After being married with his sweetheart, Els (Gena Rowlands), Drager must trek into the jungle to track down Frolick (Philip Abbott), a drunken river master who is lost. Frolick has been driven mad by a shaman called Burubi (Reggie Nalder). Drager eventually comes across Frolick, but ends up killing him in self-defense.

After rescuing another doctor, in the same region, Anton becomes lost in the wild. He nearly dies and has lapsed into a coma by the time he is rescued. His ordeal comes to change his perceptions and agree more with Jansen on one's need to believe in the goodness of others and to maintain faith.


Rock Hudson as Drager
Burl Ives as Jansen
Gena Rowlands as Els
Geoffrey Keen
Philip Abbott as Frolick
Judy Dan as Laja
Ibrahim Pendek as Stego Myia

Runtime: 145 Minutes

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