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The Strange Case of Dr. Manning 1957 DVD - Greta Gynt

The rich and successful Dr. Manning is called out in the middle of the night to visit a private patient. He never returns and the next morning his wife Annette (Gynt) finds him missing. Soon after, she receives a ransom note demanding £5,000 for his release. The police are alerted and soon Annette is trying to deliver the money to various drop-off points specified by the kidnapper in telephone calls to her. The police keep watch, hoping to catch the kidnapper in the act of retrieving the money, but every attempts ends in failure as he fails to show up, realising the locations are being watched. Annette hires a private detective Nick Logan (Randell) to make his own investigations.

Manning is found dead, and the police decide to use Annette as bait to catch his killer. They publicise that she has heard his voice in the phone calls and will be able to identify it if she hears it again, hoping that the threat will flush him out in order to try to get her out of the way. Logan now begins to work together with the police, and they finally succeed in cornering the killer, who reveals a surprising motive for his actions.


Greta Gynt as Annette Manning
Ron Randell as Nick Logan
Garard Green as Gil Stevens
Bruce Seton as Inspector Brown
Peter Fontaine as Fred Barnes
Virginia Keiley as Vera Clark
Robert Raglan as Plainclothesman
John Watson as Plainclothesman
Brian Sunners as Freddie
Wally Patch as Wally
David Lander as Dr. George Manning
Charles Farrell as John Karver

Runtime: 75 Minutes

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