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The Way of All Flesh 1940 DVD - Akim Tamiroff / Gladys George

When a successful banker is travelling with a large amount of the bank’s cash, he becomes the victim of a robbery, shamed to return home, he disappears and becomes a derelict. Many years later, he finds himself in his old home town. He peers into the window of his own house and sees his family, now grown. His wife comes out, not recognising her husband, and she invites him in. He thanks her but departs, walking into the darkness.


Akim Tamiroff as Paul Kriza
Gladys George as Anna Kriza
William "Bill" Henry as Paul Kriza, Jr.
Muriel Angelus as Mary Brown
Berton Churchill as Reginald L. Morten
Roger Imhof as Franz Henzel
James Seay as Varno
Douglas Kennedy as Timothy
Norma Gene Nelson as Mitzi as a child
Tommy Bupp as Timothy as a child
June Hedin as Julie as a child
Darryl Hickman as Victor as a boy
James West as Paul, Jr. as a child
John Harmon as Pete
James Burke as Frisco
Marilyn Knowlden as Julie Kriza
John Hartley as Victor Kriza
Sheila Ryan as Mitzi Kriza
Fritz Leiber as Max
Torben Meyer as Sandor Nemzeti
Stanley Price as Lefty
Leonard Penn as Joe

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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