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The Woman for Joe 1955 DVD - Diane Cilento / George Baker

The owner of some circus fairground attractions buys a midget to try and improve his luck. The move is a success and the small lad starts to help run the expanding shows. Problems start when he falls for a more normal size young Hungarian singer who then joins the circus.


Diane Cilento as Mary
George Baker as Joe Harrop
Jimmy Karoubi as George Wilson
David Kossoff as Max
Violet Farebrother as Ma Gollatz
Earl Cameron as Lemmie
Sydney Tafler as Butch
Alf Dean as Vendini
Patrick Westwood as Freddie the Kid
Derek Sydney as Harry the Spice
Verna Gilmore as Princess Circassy
Martin Miller as Iggy Pulitzer
Meier Tzelniker as Sol Goldstein
Miriam Karlin as Gladys
Terence Longdon as Doctor at the Circus (uncredited)
Arthur Lowe as George's Agent (uncredited)
Philip Stainton as Sullivan

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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