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The Wrong Road 1937 DVD - Richard Cromwell

A young married couple whose plans for their life together haven't turned out as expected decide to rob the bank where the husband works of $100,000, then hide the money in a safe place and return for it after they serve out their sentences.

All goes according to plan until they get out of prison, when they find that they're being trailed by an insurance investigator and the husband's old cellmate, who has decided that he wants a cut of the money.


Richard Cromwell as Jimmy Caldwell
Helen Mack as Ruth Holden
Lionel Atwill as Mike Roberts
Horace McMahon as Blackie Clayton
Russ Powell as Chief Ira Foster
Billy Bevan as McLean
Marjorie Main as Martha Foster
Rex Evans as Victor J. Holbrook
Joseph Crehan as District Attorney
Arthur Hoyt as Beamish, bank teller
Syd Saylor as Big Hobo
Selmer Jackson as Judge
Chester Clute as Dan O'Fearna
Runtime: 53 Minutes
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