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They Came to Blow Up America 1943 DVD - George Sanders / Anna Sten

Because of his German parentage, government agent Carl Steelman is assigned to by his chief, Craig, to join the Nazi Bund, to obtain information on the underground activities of the group. Steelman is welcomed and becomes a trusted member of the group. His father, Julius Steelman, unaware of this son's real mission, drives him from their home.

The government agents raid a Bund meeting and Steelman assumes the identity of one of the members who was about to depart to Germany for training. In Berlin, Steelman meets and falls in love with Helga Lorenz, a member of the German underground. In order to hide his true identity and complete his mission, Steelman has to betray the girl to the Gestapo, but later manages to rescue her and see her safely on her way to England. Frau Reiter, wife of the man whose identity Steelman has assumed, threatens to turn him over to the police. He convinces the Gestapo that she is crazy and she is confined to an insane asylum. His training completed, Steelman is sent to America, via submarine, in charge of a group of eight saboteurs. Before they depart the sub, off the Long Island coast, Steelman plants a time-bomb in the sub.


George Sanders as Carl Steelman / "Ernst Reiter"
Anna Sten as Frau Reiter
Ward Bond as FBI Chief Craig
Dennis Hoey as Colonel Taeger
Sig Ruman as Dr. Herman Holger
Ludwig Stössel as Julius Steelman, Carl's father
Robert Barrat as Captain Kranz, head of the sabotage school
Poldi Dur as Helga Lorenz (as Poldy Dur)
Ralph Byrd as Burkhardt, second saboteur with Steelman
Elsa Janssen as Henrietta Steelman (as Else Janssen), Carl's mother
Wolfgang Zilzer as Schlegel

Runtime: 73 Minutes

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