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They Can't Hang Me 1955 DVD - Terence Morgan / Yolande Donlan

Sentenced to death for murder, a civil servant reveals that he has long been a foreign agent smuggling secrets out of the country. He meets with special branch officer Inspector Brown and offers to reveal the identity of an elusive master spy in return for a reprieve. With five days before Pitt is to be hung, Brown sets out to trace the identity of the spy without having to reprieve Pitt.


Terence Morgan - Inspector Ralph Brown
Yolande Donlan - Jill Wilson
Anthony Oliver - Inspector Newcombe
André Morell - Robert Isaac Pitt
Reginald Beckwith - Harold
Ursula Howells - Antonia Pitt
Guido Lorraine - Pietr Revski
Basil Dignam - Wing Commander Riddle
John Horsley - Assistant Commissioner
Mark Dignam - Prison Governor
Raymond Rollett - Sir Robert Rosper
Fred Johnson - Professor Robinson-Heston
Arnold Marlé - Professor Karl Kopek
Barry Lowe - Private Eric Colter
Richard Cuthbert - Judge
Diana Lambert - Young Woman

Runtime: 75 Minutes

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