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Things to Come 1936 DVD - Raymond Massey

Things to Come opens with a near-future forecast of Christmas 1940 in the metropolis of Everytown (obviously London), a city threatened by world war.

Pacifist intellectuals, such as John Cabal (Massey), try to turn the tide. But Cabal's efforts go unheeded by the self-interested classes, and war arrives with tanks and aeroplanes and gas bombs. Everytown is destroyed by air raids (dramatically enacted four years before the real thing).
The war continues for thirty years, its original purpose forgotten. As a result, civilization degenerates while "the Wandering Sickness" and devastation accelerate the spiral down until 1970, when the world has crumbled into a balkanized "Mad Max" Dark Ages. Everytown is ruled by a barbaric warlord, the Boss (Ralph Richardson), as the war continues on a Medieval scale.
Raymond Massey as John Cabal/Oswald Cabal
Edward Chapman as Pippa Passworthy/Raymond Passworthy           
Ralph Richardson as Rudolf a.k.a. The Boss
Margaretta Scott as Roxana Black/Rowena Cabal
Cedric Hardwicke as Theotocopulos
Maurice Braddell as Dr Edward Harding
Sophie Stewart as Mrs Cabal
Derrick De Marney as Richard Gordon
Ann Todd as Mary Gordon
Pearl Argyle as Catherine Cabal
Kenneth Villiers as Maurice Passworthy
Ivan Brandt as Morden Mitani
Anne McLaren as Child (2036)
Patricia Hilliard as Janet Gordon
Charles Carson as Great-Grandfather (2036)
Patrick Barr as World Transport official
John Clements as Enemy pilot
Antony Holles as Simon Burton
Allan Jeayes as Mr. Cabal (1940)
Pickles Livingston as Horrie Passworthy
Abraham Sofaer as Wadsky
Runtime: 92 Minutes
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