This Other Eden 1959 DVD - Leslie Phillips

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A small town plans to erect a monument in memory of a IRA rebel during the 1920's. The son of the English Colonel who killed the rebel objects.


Audrey Dalton as Maire McRoarty
Leslie Phillips as Crispin Brown
Niall MacGinnis as Devereaux
Geoffrey Golden as McRoarty
Norman Rodway as Conor Heaphy
Milo O'Shea as Pat Tweedy
Harry Brogan as Clannery
Paul Farrell as McNeely
Eddie Golden as Sergeant Crilly
Hilton Edwards as The Canon
Philip O'Flynn as Postman
Ria Mooney as Mother Superior
Isobel Couser as Mrs. O'Flaherty

Runtime: 80 Minutes

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