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Tiger in the Smoke 1956 DVD - Donald Sinden / Muriel Pavlow

In wartime a young officer is killed during a raid to kill a German general at the house that used to belong to his grandmother. Before he dies he talks about a treasure that was hidden there. Several years later the members of that group are still together as a street band living in a cellar. The last of the gang who was chosen for his skills as a ruthless killer escapes from prison in a rampage of killing and, obsessed with the treasure takes the gang to France to recover it.


Donald Sinden as Geoffrey Leavitt
Muriel Pavlow as Meg Elgin
Tony Wright as Jack Havoc
Bernard Miles as Doll
Alec Clunes as Assistant Commissioner Oates
Laurence Naismith as The Canon
Christopher Rhodes as Detective Chief Inspector Luke
Charles Victor as Will
Thomas Heathcote as Rolly Gripper
Sam Kydd as Tom Gripper
Kenneth Griffith as Gang member
Gerald Harper as Duds Morrison
Wensley Pithey as Detective Sergeant Pickett
Stratford Johns as Police Constable
Brian Wilde as Trumps
Beatrice Varley as Lucy Cash
Percy Herbert as Copper
Dandy Nichols as Stall-owner

Runtime: 94 Minutes

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