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To the Ends of the Earth 1948 DVD - Dick Powell / Signe Hasso

Based on the files of the United States Department of Treasury. Commissioner Michael Barrows is an American Government Agent. On board a Coast Guard boat off the California coast he chases a ship. The Captain of the ship, the Kira Maru, panics and ruthlessly sends 100 Chinese slaves to a watery death. Barrows recovers a live preserver that tells him the ship is out of Shanghai. He travels there to track down the ship's captain and discovers that these deaths point to a huge drug smuggling operation. In Shanghai, while searching for the captain of the Kira Maru, he becomes suspicious of a women, Ann Grant, believing she's Jean Hawks the narcotics ringleader. He follows the narcotics trail "to the ends of the Earth" taking him from Shanghai to Cairo, Beirut and Havana to stop the drugs and the jean Hawks ring at the US border. 


Dick Powell as Commissioner Michael Barrows
Signe Hasso as Ann Grant
Maylia as Shu Pan Wu
Ludwig Donath as Nicholas Sokim
Vladimir Sokoloff as Commissioner Lum Chi Chow
Edgar Barrier as Grieg
John Hoyt as Bennett
Marcel Journet as Commissioner Lariesier
Luis Van Rooten as Alberto Berado
Fritz Leiber as Binda Sha
Michael Raffetto - Professor Salim uncredited

Runtime: 109 Minutes

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