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Top Gun 1955 DVD - Sterling Hayden / William Bishop

Gunfighter Rick Martin returns to his hometown of Casper, Wyoming to learn of the fate of his mother and to warn the town of an impending raid by the Tom Quentin gang. The townspeople however reject him, afraid that his gun slinging past will cause new trouble. Rick learns that his mother did not die of illness but was murdered, and he comes to suspect the town's leading citizen a man now engaged to marry the woman Rick loves.


Sterling Hayden as Rick Martin
William Bishop as Canby Judd
Karin Booth as Laura Mead
James Millican as Marshal Bat Davis
Regis Toomey as Jim O'Hara
Hugh Sanders as Ed Marsh
John Dehner as Tom Quentin
Rod Taylor as Lem Sutter

Runtime: 74 Minutes

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