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Toughest Man in Arizona 1952 DVD - Vaughn Monroe / Joan Leslie


In Arizona, Marshal Landry and captured outlaw Girard find three survivors of a wagon train massacre but, later, Girard escapes custody and robs stagecoaches with his gang, prompting Landry and his posse to give chase.


Vaughn Monroe as Marshal Matt Landry
Joan Leslie as Mary Kimber
Edgar Buchanan as Jim Hadlock
Victor Jory as Frank Girard
Jean Parker as Della
Harry Morgan as Verne Kimber
Ian MacDonald as Steve Girard
Lee MacGregor as Jerry Girard
Diana Christian as Joan Landry
Robert Hyatt as Davey Billings
Charlita as Señorita
Nadine Ashdown as Jesse Billings
Francis Ford as Hanchette
Paul Hurst as Dalton

Runtime: 85 Minutes

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