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Twilight for the Gods 1958 DVD - Rock Hudson / Cyd Charisse

After being court-martialed and discharged from the Navy, Captain Bell (Rock Hudson) turns to drink. Reduced to skippering a rundown brigantine in the South Seas, he takes on board a disparate group of passengers and crew, including a prostitute, a show-biz entrepreneur, a missionary, a washed up opera singer, couple of refugees, and a load of copra bound for Mexico.The ship springs a leak during a storm, and the true characters of all on board are revealed as the ship tries to make port in Honolulu before it sinks.


Rock Hudson - Capt. David Bell
Cyd Charisse - Mrs. Charlotte King aka Inez Leidstrom (professional escort accused of murder)
Arthur Kennedy - First Mate Ramsay
Leif Erickson - Harry Hutton, theatrical manager
Charles McGraw - Yancy
Ernest Truex - Reverend Butterfield, missionary
Richard Haydn - Oliver Wiggins, British playboy
Judith Evelyn - Ethel Peacock, vocalist with Hutton
Wallace Ford - Old Brown, shipmate
Vladimir Sokoloff - Feodor Morris, emigrant
Celia Lovsky - Ida Morris, emigrant
Robert Hoy - Keim
Charles Horvath - Lott
Maurice Marsac - Shipping clerk
Virginia Gregg - Myra Pringle

Runtime: 120 Minutes

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