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Ulysses 1954 DVD - Kirk Douglas / Silvana Mangano

A movie adaptation of Homer's second epic, that talks about Ulysses' efforts to return to his home after the end of ten years of war.


Silvana Mangano as Circe/Penelope
Kirk Douglas as Ulysses
Anthony Quinn as Antinous
Rossana Podestà as Nausicaa
Jacques Dumesnil as Alcinous
Daniel Ivernel as Eurylochus
Sylvie as Eurycleia
Franco Interlenghi as Telemachus
Elena Zareschi as Cassandra
Evi Maltagliati as Anticlea
Ludmilla Dudarova as Arete
Tania Weber as Eucalicanto
Piero Lulli as Achilles
Ferruccio Stagni as Mentor
Alessandro Fersen as Diomedes
Oscar Andriani as Cyclops
Umberto Silvestri as Polifemo
Gualtiero Tumiati as Laertes
Teresa Pellati as Melantho
Mario Feliciani as Eurymachus
Michele Riccardini as Leodes

Runtime: 115 Minutes

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