Video To DVD Transfer only £6.99 per Tape !

We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, Micro MV & Digital 8 Tapes from Camcorders and Video Recorders.
Old video tapes were NOT meant to LAST ! - In fact they were only meant to last less than 20 years !

We Transfer all VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, Micro MV & Digital 8 tapes.

We can also transfer from USB and SD Memory Cards to DVD.

Please note that due to our low prices we can only transfer the 'Entire' contents of the Tape supplied to us onto DVD, unfortunately we cannot edit out or selectively transfer certain parts of the tape.
All completed DVD's will come with a Colour Label and in a protective cover These can also be put in a case for a small extra charge (Please contact us for details).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I transfer my Tapes to DVD?

Video Tapes begin to degrade immediately and lose quality over time. Your memories are difficult to enjoy when you have to fast-forward and rewind to find the parts you want to watch. When you transfer to DVD, your footage is easy to watch on your DVD player. Lastly, under proper storage conditions, DVD's last a lifetime.

What are the disadvantages of older VHS tapes ?

Quality degrades with each playback
Tapes can be easily damaged by VCR's
Quality degrades over the years even if the tapes are not played
Analog technology is old and low-quality technology

What sort of Material will you transfer to DVD?

We will transfer absolutely anything which is owned by you such as Holidays, Weddings etc. 

If we cannot transfer your tapes for any reason they will be returned to you.

What kind of DVD do I receive, and will it work in my player?

We only use High Quality 'A' Grade DVD-R media for all of our conversions. DVD-R is the standard format for most DVD players, however, some DVD older players and recorders are not compatible with DVD-R. Consult your user manual.

What kind of quality can I expect in my DVD?

The DVD you will receive will reflect the original quality of the media you supplied. If you had a tape transferred, then you can expect about the same quality. However, the DVD quality will be slightly better than your original media.

What are the average turn-around times?

We usually have your completed transfer back to you within 7 working days.  

Can additional copies be produced at a later date?

Only if the customer supplies the original DVD that we made for them. We do not archive any footage.

Can you transfer my Tapes to a USB Drive ?

Yes we can, please email us for details.

Do you view your customer’s home movies?

Your videos are private and we don't view videos sent to us, however we do monitor video for quality control purposes. Your videos are transferred in a discreet environment and are never shared, archived, or distributed in any way. 

How do I order ?

Click Here to go to our Video 2 DVD Web Site: