How do I order?

You may order by Post by downloading and printing our order form found HERE and returning it with your Tapes to us.

How do I send my tapes?

Package your tapes and send to the following address. Please attach a reference (Such as your name etc) to your tapes so that we can easily identify them. We recommend that you send any tapes by a Tracked Service. 

61 Toronto Avenue
EH54 6BN

What is the cost for a Tape to DVD Transfer ?

Each tape to DVD Transfer is £6.99 regardless of the type of tape, so 1 tape is £6.99, 2 tapes are £13.98, 3 tapes are £20.97 etc, the only additional cost is P&P which is £3.99 per order (Not Per tape !), so if for example you were sending us 3 tapes the total cost would be £24.96 (3 x £6.99 + 1 x £3.99 for P&P). We DO NOT put more than one Tape on a DVD due to loss of quality, each Tape will be on its own DVD.

When and how will I receive my order?

We aim for a turnaround time of around 7 working days although we'll always endeavour to finish conversions as quickly as possible. All finished DVDs will be returned along with the original tapes through Royal Mail.

Each DVD is returned with a colour label and protective cover.