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Walk a Crooked Mile 1948 DVD - Louis Hayward / Dennis O'Keefe

Soon after solid leads come to light about a communist spy ring infiltrating the Lakeview Laboratory of Nuclear Physics, a Southern California atomic research center, FBI Agent Dan O'Hara (Dennis O'Keefe) teams up with Scotland Yard Detective Philip Grayson (Louis Hayward) to hunt down the perpetrators responsible for the leak, and at least one of the scientists at the nuclear lab is suspected to be involved in the clandestine, espionage operation.


Louis Hayward as Philip 'Scotty' Grayson
Dennis O'Keefe as Daniel F. O'Hara
Louise Allbritton as Dr. Toni Neva
Carl Esmond as Dr. Ritter von Stolb
Onslow Stevens as Igor Braun
Raymond Burr as Krebs
Art Baker as Dr. Frederick Townsend
Lowell Gilmore as Dr. William Forrest
Philip Van Zandt as Anton Radchek
Charles Evans as Dr. Homer Allen
Frank Ferguson as Carl Bemish
Reed Hadley as Narrator

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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