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Waltzes from Vienna 1934 DVD - Jessie Matthews / Edmund Gwenn

The film tells the story of the writing and performance of The Blue Danube. According to Hitchcock:

Waltzes from Vienna gave me many opportunities for working out ideas in the relation of film and music. Naturally every cut in the film was worked out on the script before shooting began. But more than that, the musical cuts were worked out too.

Hitchcock told François Truffaut that this film was the lowest ebb of his career. He only agreed to make it because he had no other film projects that year, and wanted to stay working. He never again made a musical film.


Esmond Knight as Johann "Schani" Strauss, the Younger
Jessie Matthews as Rasi
Edmund Gwenn as Johann Strauss, the Elder
Fay Compton as Countess Helga von Stahl
Frank Vosper as Prince Gustav
Robert Hale as Ebezeder
Marcus Barron as Drexter
Charles Heslop as Valet
Betty Huntley-Wright as Lady's Maid
Hindle Edgar as Leopold
Sybil Grove as Mme. Fouchett
Billy Shine Jr. as Carl
Bertram Dench as Engine driver
B. M. Lewis as Domeyer
Cyril Smith as Secretary

Runtime: 80 Minutes
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