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War Paint 1953 DVD - Robert Stack / Joan Taylor

Lieut. Billings and his army patrol are ordered to deliver a new peace treaty to the Indian Commissioner, who is missing. They have nine days to get the treaty to Chief Gray Cloud or there will be war. Chief's son Taslik offers to guide them. But as their water runs low and conflicts escalate, they can't help wondering why Taslik is wearing war paint.


Robert Stack as Lt. Billings
Joan Taylor as Wanima
Charles McGraw as Sgt. Clarke
Keith Larsen as Taslik
Peter Graves as Trooper Tolson
Robert J. Wilke as Trooper Grady (as Robert Wilke)
Walter Reed as Trooper Allison
John Doucette as Trooper Charnofsky
Douglas Kennedy as Trooper Clancy
Charles Nolte as Cpl. Hamilton
James Parnell as Trooper Martin
Paul Richards as Trooper Perkins
William Pullen as Jeb
Richard H. Cutting as Commissioner Kirby (as Richard Cutting)

Runtime: 85 Minutes

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