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Where Do We Go from Here? 1945 DVD - Fred MacMurray / Joan Leslie


Bill Morgan is a young American who is eager to join the military and fight for his country during World War II, but his 4F status prevents him from enlisting. Bill does his bit for the war effort by collecting scrap metal. Among the discarded junk he discovers a mysterious brass bottle which he rubs to clean off the grime.

Suddenly, Ali, a Genie, appears and offers to grant him three wishes. Without thinking, Bill says he wants to be in the US army. In a puff of smoke, Bill finds himself a foot soldier in George Washington's Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. After a run-in with some Hessian soldiers, Bill escapes by wishing himself into the Navy. Once again the Genie transfers him, but this time to the crew of Christopher Columbus's ship on his maiden voyage to the new world. Once on shore, he agrees to buy Manhattan Island from a local native.

Bill next finds himself whisked forward in time to New Amsterdam in the mid-17th century. When he claims that he owns the Island, he is thrown in jail. Ali finally gets it right and Bill finds himself in the right time and place by the end of the film.


Fred MacMurray as Bill Morgan
Joan Leslie as Sally Smith / Prudence / Katrina
June Haver as Lucilla Powell / Gretchen / Indian
Gene Sheldon as Ali the Genie
Anthony Quinn as Chief Badger
Carlos Ramírez as Benito
Alan Mowbray as General George Washington
Fortunio Bonanova as Christopher Columbus
Herman Bing as Hessian Col. / Von Heisel
Howard Freeman as Kreiger

Runtime: 78 Minutes

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