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White Corridors 1951 DVD - Googie Withers / James Donald


The scene is Yeoman's Hospital, set in the English Midlands, soon after the NHS was founded. Sophie Dean, a young and gifted surgeon, is torn between her love for pathologist Dr Neil Mariner, and a prestigous post in London. Mariner's research is on penicillin-resistant infection, and whilst drawing blood from a young boy with septicaemia, he inadvertently infects himself.

The boy dies, and Neil becomes seriously ill - his experimental serum might save him, and he asks Sophie to give him the serum if there is no other hope - but if she does, she could be charged with manslaughter if Neil dies. Fortunately he is saved, and Sophie decides her future is with Neil.

The film is by turns humorous, moving and dramatic with superb attention to detail.


Googie Withers as Dr. Sophie Dean
James Donald as Neil Marriner
Godfrey Tearle as Mr. Groom Sr.
Petula Clark as Joan Shepherd
Jean Anderson as Sister Gater
Timothy Bateson as Dr. Cook
Fabia Drake as Miss Farmer
Henry Edwards as Phillip Brewster
Gerard Heinz as Dr. Macuzek
Megs Jenkins as Mrs. Briggs
Barry Jones as Dr. Shoesmith
Avice Landone as Sister Jenkins
Bernard Lee as Burgess
Moira Lister as Dolly Clark
Dandy Nichols as Char
Basil Radford as Retired Civil Servant
Bruce Seton as Policeman
Patrick Troughton as Sailor
Jack Watling as Dick Groom
Philip Stainton as Sawyer
Dana Wynter - first film role

Runtime: 102 Minutes

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