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Windom's Way 1957 DVD - Peter Finch / Mary Ure


Idealistic British surgeon Alec Windom (Peter Finch) travels to Burma, where he quickly becomes embroiled in the politics of the region. Favoring the native interests over the imperialists when the workers of a rubber plantation go on strike, Windom supports them and hides their leader in a hospital. His support falters, however, when the workers join a growing and active rebellion. Windom's activities are further interrupted by the arrival of his strong-willed wife, Lee (Mary Ure).


Peter Finch as Alec Windom
Mary Ure as Lee Windom
Natasha Parry as Anna Vidal
Robert Flemyng as Colonel George Hasbrook
Michael Hordern as Patterson
Grégoire Aslan as Mayor Lollivar

Runtime: 108 Minutes

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